Grain based distillery


Alfa-Liq is a thermostable enzyme, with excellent stability at low pH, which catalyzes the hydrolysis of alpha –1, 4 glycosidic linkages to quickly reduce the viscosity of gelatinized starch to yield dextrin and oligosaccharides under a variety of process conditions


  • Liquification at lower pH
  • Resistance to higher temperature
  • Helps to reduce viscosity


ALFA-SAC is an extra cellular, amyloglycosidase enzyme derived from a selected strain of fungal origin. This enzyme is an exonuclease that hydrolysis linear 1, 4 alpha D - glucan linkages and branched 1, 6 alpha D - glucan linkages from the non - reducing ends of liquefied starch and releases glucose units. ALFA - SAC is essentially free of trans glucosidase and converts liquefied starch to glucose


  • Efficient degradation of dextrins
  • Higher Alcohol yield.
  • Low enzyme dosage there by low treatment cost


Alfa-Booster(G) is an enzyme characterized by its ability to hydrolyze proteins under low pH conditions.The board subrate specific of Alfa-Booster (G) enables the enzyme to efficiently hydrolyze most grain proteins in a random fashion


  • Reduction in microboial contamination
  • Increase in alcohol yield
  • Reduction in Total Volatile Acid
  • Reduction in fermentation time


Alfa-Grain(B) is a proprietary biotechnology based formulation used in enhancing the overall performance of grain based ethanol fermentation, Alfa-Grain(B) effectively reduces the mash volatile acids on account of a wide range of bacterial contamination that commonly infects the fermentation process. Alfa Grain(B) inhibits by interfering with intracellular protein synthesis and eliminating contamination bacteria which prevents competition for glucose,reduces yeast stress, increases fermentation efficiency and alcohol concentration in mash, which converts into higher yield of alcohol in grain fermentation.


  • Effectively reduces the mass volatile acid
  • Increases fermentation efficiency
  • Alcohol concentration in mash