Group Companies

Alfanzyme Life Science

Alfanzyme Life Science started in 2007 based in Belgaum. Alfanzyme life Science is the one of the fastest growing biotech enterprise in India with a strong focus on enzyme production. We are committed to changing the very foundations of our industrial system for the better by using industrial biotechnology, led by one of the most experienced team in enzymes and allied biotech products, it is growing rapidly to take centre stage in nutrition and enzymes field in the country.

Our production mechanisms are handled by well-qualified and highly motivated personnel and follow stringent control protocols and in-process quality assurance procedures. Our distinctive delivery processes is backed by a strong marketing and distribution network and is strengthened by the relationship we share with our suppliers and dealers.

The company is having well established R&D, supported by an experienced marketing team with qualified professionals.

With an established and ever-growing network of marketing representatives, the company is poised to go global.

Alfanzyme R & D Division is backed by eminent scientists and has relevant and necessary expertise to develop new technologies for industrially important enzymes. Our thrust is to encourage conventional industries to use biotech products and active bios systems.
A wide array of enzyme formulations for application in textiles, leather, feed, food, pharma, detergent, tea and pulp & paper industries.

Finally, construction of our new manufacturing and R&D at Kittur industrial area, Belgaum is underway. This facility, to be commissioned by end of next year, will exponentially boost both our synthesis and R&D capabilities, setting the stage to make Alfanzyme a heavy weight in the industry.

Alfanzyme Bio Life

It is a sister concern of Alfanzyme, established in the year 2008 based in Belgaum. Our core R&D work will be carried out in Alfanzyme Bio Life.

Alfanzyme Bio Solution

The other member of Alfanzyme group is Alfanzyme Bio Solution, this is a service based concern and here we cater more number of industries by providing them the customised chemical solution.