Managing Directors Message

Alfanzyme Group, founded in 2007 has been flourishing with harmony in nature. At Alfanzyme Group, we are looking at new ways of thinking, new ways of working and new ways to touch people's lives health.

Biotechnology has been a significant differentiator for our business and has helped us blaze new paths and set goals that have impacted human life. The major part of our business deals with enzymes. It uses science and technology to develop enzymes which are used in Sugar & Distillery, Waste water management, Agriculture, Health care and other varied business areas that improve the quality of millions of people's lives.

Sustainability means adding value in the economic, environmental and social spheres. Since the inception, this approach has been adopted. Today, our long term targets are set to fulfill our stated purpose of finding biological answers for better lives in the growing world.

Our Biotechnology program is geared towards a single objective – Making high quality affordable products that will take the benefits of this amazing science, to a large section of people across the globe.

We hope for your continued generous support and encouragement in the days to come.